Welcome to Little Bee’s Kitchen!  Here you will find lots of great recipes for all the family, as well as an online shop to buy the tools you need to help you on your delicious journey!

I’m basically a foodie!  Little Bee’s Kitchen was born from my 2010 food blog (Licking The Whisk) and food gift website (Two Little Bees).  I thought, why not combine both ideas and have all things foodie in one place!?

I’m a full time mum to a gorgeous little boy with a healthy appetite!  When we started weaning, I was so nervous about what I could give him, and what I couldn’t.  I resorted to shop bought food pouches because I didn’t trust my own instincts.  He happily gobbled down pouch after pouch of yummy food; delicious flavours too, some of which I wouldn’t have dreamt would be OK to give a 6 month old (spicy lamb cous cous?  Whaaaat??)  Going through those motions built up my confidence and encouraged me to start making my own meals and snacks for my little boy.  It reignited my passion for cooking; it’s so fun making up new treats and watching him devour them.  I know exactly what’s gone into them, and i’m proud of that.

There are lots of products out there that include sugar, and unnecessarily so.  So i’ve started looking at alternatives to that; not going totally sugar-free, but certainly looking at ways of reducing the amount of sugar that I eat… and that goes for the whole family (although I have yet to convince my husband; his sweet tooth is unparalleled!)

So the aim of this website is to share some simple, healthy, delicious recipes that work for all the family.  I hope that you enjoy these simple recipes, and like putting your own twist on them.  The veggie muffins really are easy to make, and once you’ve got a handle on the basic recipe, you can have all sorts of fun adding new veg and creating your own tasty muffins.

There are lots of baby-weaning recipes and snacks, which I hope you enjoy making and your little one enjoys eating.  Most of the recipes are perfect for batch cooking, and freezing; spending a couple of hours in the kitchen each week will mean that you have yummy treats throughout the week and beyond.

Let’s say goodbye to bland, preservative-filled food and say hello to homecooking! 🙂


Becky x